Client demographics

Q3 2016 - Q3 2020


Most of our clients were Romanian nationals. This reflects the size of the Romanian community, which is among the largest European communities in the UK, as well as our own history of outreach. We started by reaching out to the Romanian community first, seeking to make the most of our founding team's knowledge and links to the Romanian diaspora. In time we saw our number of Romanian clients soar, as past cases began recommending us to their peers.

We make a conscious effort to take the first step towards communities which are shown to be over-represented in precarious positions, and under-represented in the third sector. With new multi-lingual staff and volunteers, we are now able to widen our outreach towards Bulgarian, Italian, Portuguese and other communities.

The majority of our clients were active in elementary occupations. Construction was the most highly represented sector, followed by hospitality and delivery, and a range of other manual positions.


The data on levels of education presents a polarised picture. Just over a third of our clients had completed higher education, and as many had finished high school. However, it is important to observe that almost one in four had interrupted education during or after secondary school, and 1 in 10 had done so during primary school. Low levels of literacy can pose serious barriers before one’s professional mobility, but also before one’s ability to navigate the complex journey to employment justice.


More men attended our Employment Rights Clinics than women. This remains an area of concern for our team, and we are seeking funds to support more means of engaging women.


The vast majority of our clients identified as heterosexual. It is important to remember, however, that sexual orientation can be a difficult type of personal information to disclose. We remain mindful of this, and are committed to providing an inclusive service.

Most of our clients identified as White European, followed by those who identified as Asian or Asian British and Roma.