We're hiring a Polish-speaking adviser

By Olivia Vicol - 06 April 2021

Do you wake up with a sense of justice, and wish you could dedicate your work to fighting inequality? We would like to hear from you. The Work Rights Centre is looking to widen its London-based service provision team with a Polish-speaking colleague who can join us for 2 days a week.

The role

As part of our service provision team, you’ll be helping beneficiaries challenge unscrupulous employers, and find their way to more secure positions. One day, you may be working with people who were not paid, or who were unfairly dismissed, and need to understand their employment rights and how to access them. On a different day, you may be helping someone who has just lost their job apply for Universal Credit, then support them in drafting a CV and looking for employment. You may also be the face of the Work Rights Centre in interactions with the Polish community, delivering short presentations in community centres.

The candidate

We’re looking for a Polish speaking colleague with a real interest in social mobility, but also a desire to help people address the urgent inequalities of today. In summary, we want to see that you:

  • Have worked directly with vulnerable adults, with a view to diagnose and address their issues;
  • Have good knowledge of employment statuses and rights in the UK;
  • Are an excellent communicator, who can build rapport with anyone;
  • Can organize your time, notes and records, value learning and can back up your decisions with evidence.

How to apply

Download the job description and follow the process. In summary, we want to see your CV and Cover letter. The deadline for applications is the 18th of April, 23:59.  Interviews and a short written test take place online, the week commencing the 19th of April.

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