We’re recruiting Trustees

By Dora-Olivia Vicol - 06 October 2022

The Board of Trustees plays a key role in the life of every charity. As its governors, trustees ensure that the charity has the vision, the resources, and the systems to pursue its mission, and that the organisation fulfils its legal obligations. It is also an exciting opportunity to lend your expertise to a great cause, and to make a positive change in the lives of thousands of migrants and disadvantaged Britons.

About the role

Trustees are expert volunteers, elected by the Board for two-year mandates. Together, they attend four quarterly Board meetings every year (held remotely), where they use their expertise to:

  • Support senior management in the development of strategic plans;
  • Review the delivery of the charity’s objectives;
  • Review risks, and the charity’s approach to mitigating them; and
  • Scrutinise the charity’s finances and financial procedures.

In addition, trustees also ensure that the charity complies with its legal obligations, and with its duties to the Charity Commission. At the Work Rights Centre, many members of the Board are also involved in committee meetings, which offer an opportunity to support senior staff more closely in the development, or the delivery, of key objectives.

About you

We are looking for trustees who support our mission, and who trust their ability to guide the charity through an exciting period of growth. Founded in 2016, the Work Rights Centre has established a robust frontline service, where a multilingual team of advisers supports migrants and disadvantaged Britons with advice on employment rights, immigration, benefits, and employability. Recently, we have started mobilising our frontline intelligence to call for systemic change, through research reports and strategic policy interventions. To consolidate this line of work and ensure that the charity develops sustainably, we are looking for Board members with experience of strategic litigation, policy influencing, or financial management. We would particularly welcome applications from candidates with lived experience of social immobility.

Apply and learn more

To apply, please download the role description, and follow the instructions there. To learn more about the team, please visit our About Us page. If you’d like to learn more about the legal obligations of trustees, please read the Charity Commission’s Essential Trustees guide.

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