Our Mission

Our mission is to help UK and EU nationals exit precarious work, and equip them with the tools to access fair and lawful employment. To this end, WoRC assists individual workers to understand the UK labour market and access their employment rights, but also seeks to engage local authorities, central government and civil society at large in a collaborative effort to raise the public profile of precarious work, and break the vicious cycle of insecurity and isolation which it engenders.


  • Make information on legal work, employment rights, and the means of accessing them easily accessible to all British and EU workers in the UK.
  • Assist British and EU workers in understanding their employment status and accessing their employment right.
  • Raise public awareness about the consequences of precarious work.
  • Collaborate with central government in streamlining action against exploitative employers.

The Team

Olivia Vicol

Olivia is a doctoral researcher at Oxford University’s Centre on Migration, Policy and Society. She became interested in precarious work while conducting ethnographic research on Romanian migrants working in low skilled industries in London. Her project highlights the risks faced by people who migrate from rural areas, whose reliance on ethnic networks and distrust of state structures make them particularly vulnerable to exploitative work.

Adelina Cega

Adelina has done frontline work for a range of charities for over five years. She supported vulnerable individuals on issues related to employability, employment rights, tackling substance misuse and exiting prostitution. She has extensive experience with helping migrants improve their employability. Adelina has a Law degree from Romania and a passion for Criminology.  Adelina speaks Romanian, Italian and English.

Raluca Enescu

Raluca is an LSE graduate with over 4 years of experience in community engagement and pro-EU campaigning, research and data analysis. She is also currently working for Tower Hamlets HealthWatch as a Community Intelligence Analyst. Raluca wanted to be involved with WoRC because she is committed to work against labour exploitation in the workplace and for equal rights of all EU citizens.

Adina Maglan

Adina is a passionate Community Champion with over four years of experience in community engagement, currently studying for her BSc in Community Development & Public Policy at Birkbeck University. In her role as an Equalities Officer at Brent Council, Adina was involved in successfully developing and delivering the first local government East European communities engagement programme. Also passionate about books and their role as a facilitator for social inclusion and community cohesion, she is the founder of the first and only Romanian language book-club and a multi-lingual literary events platform for the Romanian diaspora in the UK. Adina speaks Romanian and English.

Lora Tabakova

Lora is currently studying for her BSc in Business Management at Greenwich School of Business in London. She holds qualifications in business administration, customer service, and quality and diversity at the workplace. Lora had been volunteering in the United Kingdom since 2015 on a variety of projects. In her last project she was a publishing assistant manager for the One Million Project. She is particularly interested in community engagement. Lora speaks Bulgarian and English.

Kasia Figiel

Our fundraising officer, Kasia has over six years of editorial and project management experience gained working in academic publishing. At WoRC, she is responsible for charity accounts, exploring new fundraising opportunities, and monitoring spend on existing projects. She joined WoRC because she believes that all workers, regardless of their nationality or migration status, should have access to fair employment and decent pay. Kasia speaks Polish and English.

Lijsje Goosen

Lijsje has an MA in International Relations and an MSc in Labour Studies. She has a long-standing interest in precarious work and social policies and has previously undertaken research on precarious work, the informal economy and the organisation of workers - for charities and a consultancy firm. Lijsje is volunteering with WoRC as she strongly believes in the approach of helping vulnerable individuals understand and access their employment rights. Lijsje speaks Dutch and English.

Dasha Vodchic

Dasha is studying Politics and International Relations at Kingston University. She has extensive volunteering and customer service experience where is dealt with a wide range of people. She is passionate about social justice and she enjoys volunteering for WoRC because she believes that the frontline work done through the charity can make a real difference to people’s lives.

Charles Eddy

Charles has worked in software development for seven years, specialising in websites particularly in eCommerce applications. With a background originally in the sciences, he has also worked for a primary care trust.

Zac Downs

With over 9 years of commercial experience as a software developer, and a long running interest in social affairs, Zac has helped the Work Rights Centre build its web and print identity. He currently oversees the development of the website and production of promotional materials.

Our Trustees

Andra Crivii

Andra has worked in finance as a financial analyst for six years specialising in corporate credit.  She is interested in supporting Work Rights Centre given the significant impact of precarious work at both personal and economic level.

Bogdan Popa

A finance professional with seven years of experience in the financial services sector, having personal interests ranging from economics to psychology and decision sciences, Bogdan brings to WORC an interest in people, an independent audit mindset as well as financial expertise.

Holly Robinson

Holly is Senior Finance Officer for a UK thinktank where she has worked since January 2012.  She is due to complete the final stage of her CIMA qualification in late 2016.  Holly has previously been Volunteer Legal Assistant at the CAB and Advice and Information Volunteer at Liberty Human Rights and is keen to help support WoRC as the first organisation to offer free employment-related advice to EU nationals facing work challenges in the UK.

Laura Chilintan

Having worked in the homelessness sector for two years, Laura currently coordinates a project on integration and participation for EU citizens into the UK, for the Law Centres Network. She holds an MSc from the London School of Economics and Political Science in Health, Community and Development, and is passionate about the way social determinants such as precarious work and overcrowding impact health and inhibit social mobility.

Marta Righetti

Marta has worked in the charity sector for 4 years and she is currently the Business Development Manager of a London-based women’s charity. She has an MA in European and International Studies, and is interested in gender-based violence and human rights. She joined WoRC as she believes it is vital to increase awareness of employment rights in order to enable people to secure their status and access support services.

Mona Zeineddine

Mona is a communications and advocacy specialist with over 5 years of experience in human rights and global development.


WoRC is a member of several national and local voluntary associations. On a national lever, we are happy to be a part of the National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO), the Foundation for Social Improvement and the Small Charity Coalition. Locally, we are members of the Brent Community Advice Network (BCAN) CVS Brent, as well as Brent Council's Eastern European Network. We are also proud members of the Living Wage Foundation.

Our Sponsors

We are grateful to have been funded by grants from The London Community Foundation, Trust For London, The Tudor Trust, The Ratiu Foundation and the Brent Advice Fund, as well as by individual private donations. Thanks to Dataplan for payroll services, and to the Construction Development Centre for their generous donations.

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