Manchester Employability Clinic

The Manchester Employability Clinic is here to help you ace your next job interview. Every Saturday our team of advisers work on CV building, Cover Letter writing and Interview Practice, to help you gain confidence in your job hunting skills and improve your professional mobility.

How we can help

The world of work is continuously changing. This is why every Saturday and Thursday, our team can help you:

  • Build and tailor your CV

  • Find a job that matches your skills

  • Access adult learning courses such as ESOL, Digital Skills and more

  • Prepare for a job interview through mock interviewing

All our advice is free and confidential. We receive grant funding from the European Social Fund, so you won't have to pay a thing. Just get in touch using the form below.

What to expect

Time. Our Manchester Employability Clinic team works every Saturday, from 11AM to 5PM. We'll book an appointment and make sure that we spend enough time with you to review your CV or practice for your interview. If you need to see us again, we'll schedule another appointment on the following week.

Location. For in-person support, join un on Saturdays at the Manchester Central Library, First floor, Business and IT Suite. If you'd like us to support you remotely, we can do so on Thursdays.

Resources. If you want to do some learning in your spare time, we have lots of video resources available on our YouTube channel. You can also follow our journey on Facebook, on Twitter at WORCrights, and by signing up to our newsletter.


Our beneficiaries’ achievements

The Manchester Employability Clinic has helped many beneficiaries who reside in Greater Manchester with every step of their job search journey. We pride ourselves on having helped hundreds of people find suitable employment, bringing positive changes to people’s lives.

“My name is Jose, and I arrived in the UK from Spain in December 2020. One of my relatives had shared with me the WoRC website prior to coming to Manchester, and I decided to get in touch to get help looking for a job. Since receiving support from the Manchester Employability Clinic, I have found a new job as a Teaching Assistant in a secondary school in Greater Manchester, and I have been able to fulfil my goal to start teaching and help others. My experience with WoRC has been an overwhelmingly positive one!”